Mix-It-Up! Meats
Mix-It-Up! Meats
Mix-It-Up! Meats
Mix-It-Up! Meats

Mix-It-Up! Meats

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Tasty and juicy grass-fed, hormone & antibiotics-free Angus beef, sauteed onions and a great mix of spices. Plus free-range antibiotics-free chicken, sauteed with GM-free red campsicum, GE-free tomatoes and aromatic herbs, to make a filling that might spark some childhood memories. A mix for all meat lovers to enjoy! 

8 Frozen Classic Beef Empanadas
7 Frozen Tomato Chicken Empanadas
(Standard size, about 110g per empanada)

• Grass-fed, hormone & antibiotics-free Angus Pure beef • Free-range antibiotics-free chicken • NZ vegetables • NZ biologically grown flour • GE-free tomatoes • GM-free red capsicum • No added preservatives • No fillers • Natural colours • Natural flavours •

Proudly handmade in Wellington.
Prices are GST inclusive.
Images for illustrative purpose only. Product appearance may vary.

  1. Pre-heat your oven to 230°/240° C. Keep the grill off.
  2. Line a tray with baking paper.
  3. Place frozen empanadas on the tray, trying not to crowd them.  
  4. Bake them for 15 to 18 minutes depending on how golden you want them!*
  5. Be aware of delicious hot juices! We don't want you burning yourself!

     Pro tips:

  • Make sure your oven is really hot, so the dough seals up and captures all the juices inside!
  • It is better to cook one tray at a time!
  • Let the empanadas cool on a rack before storing in a container, so they don't get all mushy.

  • Sorry, no microwaves: Since our empanadas have been specially developed for gas or electric ovens, we discourage microwave use as you will end up with mushy and limp empanadas, and miss the whole Divinas experience.

    (* times might vary depending on oven performance.)

  • Store in freezer in their original packaging (-18°C).
  • Do not thaw before baking. Do not leave outside the freezer.
  • If accidentally thawed, keep in the fridge. Bake within 2 days.
  • Always check “best before” date as marked on packaging.

Contains: Wheat, gluten, egg and dairy products.

Why choose us?

Eat them hot right out of the oven
or cold and sporting a major hangover.
Or take them with you on your next
outdoors adventure!

We don't add any preservatives,
we use no colourants or fillers.
We just cook a handful of
fresh ingredients
the old fashioned way!

MBIE says 95+% of all businesses
in NZ are Small & Medium
Enterprises (SMEs). We are
very proud to be part
of that 95+%!

Small & handy
Cocktail Empanadas

Work meeting. Catering.
You spend the first few minutes scanning for the least messy bite to eat. We've been there!

That's why we created this easy way
of enjoying food comfortably, free
of embarrassment, while crafting
the future (or at least making
some new contacts. ;)

Our bite size empanadas suit all special morning teas, friday's drinks, marketing presentations or just regular office meetings, making everybody happy
and relaxed.

They are a great ice-breaker too!

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