Our story

New in Wellington
Family owned & operated

We are a new small business
based in beautiful Wellington.
So small that we do the cooking, the web design, the product packing and the delivery. We don't do the accounting though.
(thank you Harold!)

We are two practical parents that think there’s no better food than homemade from scratch. Maybe it’s because of our Italian/Spanish roots or maybe it's because honest food tastes so good!

We wanted to share the homemade flavour with our fellow Wellingtonians in the shape of an empanada, a handy food you can carry with you pretty much anywhere. That you can enjoy hot or cold. And that, in an effort of keeping old recipes alive, we have developed
to taste really good.

We really hope you enjoy them
as much as we do.


Diego & Laura


They are tasty, they are juicy, and
their size makes them a great option
for many celebrations: a wedding,
a birthday, you name it!

Just take them from freezer to tray,
to a pre-heated oven and then
to your guests in no more than
18 minutes!*

You can enjoy the different flavours
and learn to tell them apart by their various shapes. They will behave and
not steal the thunder from other
foods on the table. Or at least
they will try!

(*times might vary depending on oven
performance and empanada size.)